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Rock-Hill-city Auto Transport

There are two main types of auto transport available to ship cars in the U.S. – truck and rail transport. As part of Union Pacific Railroad, has the unique ability to ship your car on both truck and rail, depending on your price and timing needs. Most economical transport to Rock-Hill-city for long distances (greater than 750 miles) Most environmentally friendly which reduces carbon footprint Lowest risk of transport damage

Truck Transport To Rock-Hill-city

Truck auto transport is a direct and quick way to ship your car. It can also be the most expensive. You have probably seen auto transport trucks on the highway carrying loads of new and used cars. Tractor-trailer car haulers typically transport up to 9-10 vehicles at a time, depending on the vehicle size and types. Auto transport trucks have hydraulic ramps that the driver raises and lowers to load the maximum number of vehicles per shipment. The truck driver is responsible for loading and unloading his or her rig and is a highly trained professional. Depending on the size and mix of vehicles, it takes an experienced driver between two and three hours to load and carefully secure a full trailer load. Each vehicle is secured on the Rock-Hill-city car transport trailer with specially designed wheel straps or chains. Wheel straps wrap around each tire to securely fasten the vehicle to the truck. Chains connect into tie-down slots built in the vehicle’s frame; these slots are specifically designed for that purpose by the automotive manufacturer. While the vehicles may look unstable on the car transport truck, they are safely secured in four locations to provide the highest amount of protection and least amount of wear on the vehicles.

Truck transport can be open or enclosed. Open truck transport is the most common and less costly of the two options Open Auto Transport* – cars are transported on a truck that is open to the elements.

Rock-Hill-city Enclosed Auto Transport

cars are transported in a fully enclosed trailer with either flexible or solid sides, roof, and doors. This is the most expensive type of auto transport because fewer cars can be loaded at one time. *All truck quotes are based on open auto transport. Call to request a special quote for enclosed truck transport.

Rock-Hill-city Rail Transport

When you ship a car by train, it still begins and ends with a truck carrier. Our designated truck carrier picks up your vehicle at the origin location and brings it to the appropriate rail terminal, where the vehicle is carefully loaded onto fully enclosed rail equipment. Your vehicle is secured inside the railcar with straps and tire chocks to prevent damage during transit. Once the train arrives at the destination rail terminal, the vehicle is carefully unloaded and scheduled for final delivery by truck. Did you know? Rail terminal employees are not permitted to wear rings, watches or belt buckles that could potentially scratch a car during the loading and unloading process. Rock-Hill-city Auto railcars also have special protection on the inside walls to prevent damage to car door edges during on- and off-loading.

Rock-Hill-city Rail transport

is focused on the safe handling of your vehicle and on delivering your vehicle in quality condition. The Association of American Railroads governs compliance to very strict loading and unloading standards and audits railroad auto terminals on damage prevention programs. Rail equipment types used for Rock-Hill-city auto transport by rail: Environmentally-Friendly Rock-Hill-city Auto Transport Auto transport by train is the preferred option if you are concerned about the environment and reducing your carbon footprint. Rail reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 75%, compared to transport by truck. Union Pacific trains get nearly 500 miles/gallon of diesel per each ton of freight, so when fuel prices cause truck transport costs to rise, auto transport by train will face fewer cost impacts. Learn more on Union Pacific Environmental Management >

Transport My Automobile To Rock-Hill-city

Click for an Instant Quote on all of your vehicle shipping needs or access My Account for your personal quote and order history. Auto transport company in North America. Each year, coast to coast and across the borders, manages the transport of nearly 2 million cars. Our satisfied clients include all major global vehicle manufacturers, re-marketers, financial institutions, car auctions, car dealers, retail single units and personally owned vehicles. Across the city or across the country

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Our industry leading and proprietary OVISS (Online Vehicle Information Shipping Solution) auto transport management logistics information system gives us real time GPS order visibility, event reporting and car delivery confirmation. The status of your auto transport is never more than a click away. So cutting edge and envied is our technology that we have been able to license it for use in other industries and other countries. Our commitment to preserving the environment is not something that we take lightly, it’s something we prove by being the US Environmental Protection Agency’s only Smartway certified vehicle logistics company. As such, we are recognized for utilizing the latest commercially available fuel saving strategies and evaluating emerging technologies for continuous environmental improvement. As a result, the good of the planet and the company’s interests are aligned. Explore our site and learn how Road can help with all of your vehicle logistics needs. Whether you’re moving one car or one thousand.

Rock-Hill-city Auto Transport

Provides shipping services for a complete range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, RVs and more. With a variety of automobile shipping services available, customers have the convenience of scheduling pickup and delivery at either their doorstep or at a local terminal. Largest, Most Recognized Rock-Hill-city Auto Transport Company in the Country For the past 50 years, We has been delivering cars across the country, as well as all around the globe and back. We possesses the largest, most advanced car shipping fleet in the industry. Rock-Hill-city Car carriers of all sizes and types are available to meet your exacting requirements. A multitude of options are available to meet your specific auto transport needs. Only Rock-Hill-city Car Transport Company Offering Rock-Hill-city Affordable Terminal-to-Terminal or True Door-to-Door Service You may wish to have your auto delivered to your door, or you may wish to pick your car up at one of over 85 terminal locations across the country. Most of our vehicles ship onboard an enclosed transport to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle during its journey.

We Provide Full Service International Shipping

Our We Global Services division is an International Freight Forwarder and NVOCC specializing in overseas car shipping for a complete range of vehicles, customs clearance filings, and international shipping services for specialized freight including heavy grade equipment, boats and air freight. More Information About Car Shipping Never shipped a car before? Here is What to Expect Find our Terminal Nearest to You Find out How Our Door-to-Door Service is Different Not shipping a car? Learn about our Motorcycle and Powersports Shipping or Specialized Vehicle Services Visit our Getting Started page to learn more about the process. Rock-Hill-city Auto Transport is the country’s premier car hauler, focusing on corporate relocation services and moving autos, boats and motorcycles. We are the most dependable auto shippers in the industry and our auto hauling experts will transport your vehicle across the United States and even overseas safely & affordably. Whether you need our car transporter services because you are moving cross-country or purchasing a collector car from overseas, we are the auto shipping company for you. We offer many transportation options for each of your shipping needs. Contact us today to learn about our competitive rates for your car transport needs. Our services are perfect for eBay buyers, dealerships, college students and new employees that are moving or relocating. By using Auto Transport Inc., you can rest assured that there will be no wear and tear on your vehicle during the auto shipping process. Auto dealerships use us when they need to move inventory across the country and customers use us for autos that they have purchased online. United States We are the perfect car transporters for you! From motorcycle shipping to boat transportation, we will meet all your needs. We offer three different car carriers:

Rock-Hill-city Enclosed Carrier

This is our Premium Auto Transport. A fully enclosed carrier insures that if your auto was picked up spotless, it will be delivered spotless.

Rock-Hill-city Open Carrier

This is our Conventional Auto Transport. The most economical method of transporting your vehicle, since multiple vehicles can be moved at the same time.

Rock-Hill-city Flatbed Carrier This is our Oversized Auto Transport. Perfect for oddly sized cars, bigger and more specialized vehicles. You can trustt Auto Transport to perform car transportation responsibly. Our team has treated customer’s vehicles as our own Year after Year! Contact Rock-Hill-city Auto Transport today and rest assured that your auto will be protected by Dependable Auto.